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Business communication workshops and coaching for university and college students, given by Ralf Fleuren, a former lecturer and academic coach.

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Founder of Iqnite, Ralf Fleuren, worked as a teacher at Fontys University of Applied Sciences for 6 years and has provided training courses and workshops for Fontys, Zuyd University of Applied Sciences, Eindhoven University of Technology, Summa College and Yuverta.

Iqnite’s training courses are a great addition to the curriculum, because they focus on entrepreneurial and communication skills. Due to Iqnite being an external, professional training agency, we ensure a quality impulse from the professional field within our training courses.

Trainer Ralf Fleuren

Portfolio examples

  • Pitch training for Fontys University of Applied Sciences Marketing and Management
  • Pitch training for Avans University of Applied Sciences
  • Online network training for Fontys
  • Network training for Summa College teaching assistant in Eindhoven
  • Online pitch training for Fontys International Business
  • Iqnite session + inspirational visit to TU/e Innovation Space

Topics for workshops

  • Elevator pitching
  • Networking
  • Sales
  • Volunteer marketing
  • Presentation & public speaking
  • Personal branding
  • LinkedIn
  • Time management
  • Kickstart your internship

Our clients

Practical information

We provide in-class and online training sessions for both small and large groups of students
The contents are always tailored to the needs and level of participants. Depending on the exact contents, a sessions will take 30 minutes up to half a day.

The sessions are given in the form of

● Workshops
● Coaching sessions
● Inspiration sessions

Benefits of hiring Iqnite 

● A wide range of training courses and workshops
● Fast and flexible planning
● Development of workshops on request
● Field experience
● Teaching experience
● Flexible in terms of time and location

Previous participants in training courses and workshops


”We offered the candidates of the Fontys Think Bigger Price a pitch training. The training was assessed very positively: pitching is an art after all! Ralf understands this art like no other.”

Jessy Kouwenberg-Popelier

Fontys University

”During Project 1B “the New Business Challenge” at Fontys University we also organized a pitch workshop. This pitch workshop was given by Ralf. It was absolutely great. The way how he interacted with the student was super. The workshops were interactive and fun, the students really opened up, enjoyed it and showed that they also learned a lot from the workshop. In case anybody is looking for a trainer for a presentation or pitching training/workshop I would absolutely recommend him.”

Tim Nieuwenhuijsen

Lecturer International Business Studies, Fontys International Business School

About us

We are Iqnite. We help entrepreneurs and organizations achieve greater success through short training courses and business workshops in the field of communication. Always interactive and to the point, with real world examples based on extensive professional experience.

Because that works best.

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