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Have you ever wondered what the perfect elevator pitch looks like? You’ve come to the right place! However simple a pitch may seem, it becomes a lot more nuanced and difficult if you want to get to the heart of things. To help you with this, today we will discuss several pitch examples.

Elevator pitch example 1: 2013 BPC Elevator Pitch Winner

Within the first 11 seconds, Mr. Pugh already has a recognizable situation and offers a “perfect solution” for the problem he has described. He never wastes a second after this. His pitch is fast and comes across as confident. He clearly describes how his solution works, how he wants to sell it and what exactly he needs to get this done. He also clearly states what investors can expect from him after investing in his idea. He then closes with a catchy slogan, namely: “Don’t let frost bite your buns, get the Hot Seat”. He uses humor and a call-to-action. All this within 50 seconds.

In a nutshell, Mr. Pugh’s pitch exists of:

A relevant situation > problem > solution > why his idea is better > market size > through which channels it is sold > clear and convincing goal to aim for > revenue > what he needs > what the investors get > summary.

Elevator pitch example 2: The Wolf of Wall Street Sales Pitch

2:40 – end: This is a classic example of saying exactly what people want to hear. Perhaps not the most ethical approach, but it is certainly effective. What we can learn from this example is how Mr. Belford (DiCaprio) concocts a reality that serves him best. Honesty is important, but if you tell your client about your cheap agency and underperforming business, it doesn’t come across very attractive. He doesn’t have a secretary, but now that he’s hooked up a client, he might be able to afford one in the future.

Elevator pitch example 3: Not being well prepared

Pitching is an essential part of networking and communication. During a conversation it is not very surprising to unexpectedly get the question “what are you doing?”. Being unprepared is the last thing you want at a time like this. Since you are going for a connection and you are networking. Are you not prepared? Then it happens to many people that an incoherent speech is given. This can be clearly seen in the first part of this video. Your goal is to make your story coherent and to practice it verbally. Make sure you can communicate your key points clearly by practicing it often. This just might make all the difference.

Elevator pitch example 4: Winner BE 60 Seconds Elevator Pitch Competition

Above, they clearly see the power of repetition. The pitcher, Ebonee Monique Thompson, repeats the name of her company no less than 5 times within one minute. In addition, she also gives various examples of what the company does exactly and how this is achieved. Repetition is key to making sure people will think about you and your brand at the right time. Finally, she also clearly states how you can actually get involved and what it means to be involved. So always try to use repetition!

Elevator pitch example 5: Entrepreneur pitches his idea at Dragons Den for £150,000

In this example, we see an entrepreneur asking for an investment of £150,000 in exchange for 1% of his business. To the shock of the investors, the pitcher is stopped within the first 15 seconds to ask if they heard him correctly. The lesson here is to know your worth and be prepared. The entrepreneur here knows he has a great product and it shows! The investors are annoyed and even disrespectful, but this doesn’t deter the pitcher. The pitcher here teaches us not to lower your value to please your audience. You can’t win everyone over. So don’t let yourself be pressured and stay true to yourself.

Elevator pitch example 6: Chris Redlitz: Nailing the One-Minute Pitch

0:35 – end

In this pitch we see a strong introduction. The pitcher makes the problem personal and recognizable. In addition, the audience is also immediately involved by asking about their experiences. After the problem is presented, he gives the solution. It can be said that there is a lack of enthusiasm. But in this pitch it only adds to the emotional weight of the subject. The pitcher here teaches us that you don’t always have to be cheerful or busy. Match your style to your message!

Elevator pitch example 7: Shark Tank Best Pitch Ever – Hoodie Backpack

This is the definition of a performance with a lot of energy, self-confidence and humor! The pitcher brings a recognizable story, a personal touch and a lot of the right energy. But this pitch wouldn’t achieve the same success with just putting in a good performance, if the pitcher didn’t have the necessary financial figures and performance to back him up. So don’t forget the facts to fall back on if you use a lot of humor and energy during your pitch.