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Online pitch workshop

Pitch training for anyone who wants to convince others and convey ideas convincingly.

 Learn to pitch yourself and your ideas effectively in an online pitch workshop aimed at your personal goals.  

Why do you need an online pitch workshop?

An elevator pitch is comppelling short presentation with a defined objective. Although pitching is very common at work, you probably pitch at school or during your free time too. What do you have to say? What’s your plan? Can you elaborate on your proposal? They’re all questions that are answered with an elevator pitch.

During the pitch workshop you will learn presentation skills that will enhance your pitch. You’ll get tools to effectively convey your message as well as a set pitching sequence thats works perfectly over and over again. After the online elevator pitch workshop you’ll be able to speak with greater impact and confidence. Guaranteed.

Presenting convincingly

Learn to powerfully present your ideas and yourself to your audience


Learn pitch techniques

Making a crushing impression with smart techniques


Effective communication

Convincing ideas to make big steps forward 



Include people in your story so that they become enthusiastic and are happy to help you


About the workshop

Ralf Fleuren from Iqnite delivers the pitch workshop online. Expect a lot of personal involvement, real-world examples and variation in the teaching. In order to ensure that you, your clients, coworkers or students will benefit the most from it, we specifically personalize the contents of the training yo your work circumstances and goals.

Iqnite offers two types of support for a perfect pitch:

Online pitch workshops / training courses
Interactive learning moments for smaller or larger groups, online as well as in several locations in Sweden, Ireland and Finland.

Online pitch coaching
Online coaching to help you create a pitch that is catered to your objective. Individual sessions at times that work best for you, via Zoom, Teams, Google Meet or Webex. You won’t need to alter your schedule or take time off from work this way.


iqnite academy pitch course

Previous participants in workshops

Book “Pitchen met Power”

Ralf Fleuren, owner of Bliqsem, has written a book on Pitching that was released in June 2023. The Dutch book “Pitchen met Power” provides an explanation of the five-step method for creating a good pitch and contains 23 pitch techniques for a creative and persuasive pitch. The book is a useful tool for crafting a pitch, partly due to the handy worksheet at the back of the book.

The book is published by Haystack publishing house and is available through Managementboek.nl and bookstores.

The book is currently only available in Dutch and will be translated to English soon.


”We offered the candidates of the Fontys Think Bigger Price a pitch training. The training was assessed very positively: pitching is an art after all! Ralf understands this art like no other.”

Jessy Kouwenberg-Popelier

Fontys University

”Our sales team is convinced that through this pitch training from Bliqsem, our “story” to the customer is even better. We have learned that we can tell a lot in a short time what appeals to the customer, and with which we can continue to make the personal difference. This under the very enthusiastic and skilled leadership of Ralf and Rob !!”

Patrick Theben Terville

Salesmanager, EromesMarko

Our clients consist of 

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