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About Us

The force behind Iqnite

Iqnite helps organizations and professionals achieve more success through powerful business training courses in entrepreneurial communication.


Business communication training for more impact 

When bringing up a thought at a meeting, when you speak with you manager at the coffee machine or when you encounter a potentional customer in your store – as a professional you pitch, present and sell all day long. You probably do too. Think about it.

However, a lot of business owners and organizations give pitching little thought despite the abundance of opportunities. You  seize those opportunities with Iqnite. We help you enhance your communication skills so that you and your team can have greater effect. Over and over again.

About Iqnite

Iqnite Academy consists of a group of actors, coaches and trainers who provide interactive workshops and short-term training to help you maximize your career potential. We don’t teach things that you could also pick up from reading some sort of management book. Nope. We use real-world experiences and examples to inspire you.

That works best.

What we do

We provide a variety of online training sessions and workshops. Always tailored to your wishes – or those of your organization.



Ralf Fleuren

Ralf Fleuren

Founder and owner of Iqnite

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